Astrological Magick

Astrology and Astronomy

“You have been told that astrology is a meaningless study, when in actuality astrology and astronomy are the languages of the universe… Long ago astrology and astronomy were one… At the precise time of your birth, the stars, planets, moon and sun were in a specific configuration… Within that moment were written certain probabilities, specific opportunities and distinct challenges. The language of the stars explains your world in a way that is helpful for you to understand the bigger picture.”
Earth – Barbara Marciniak

planetary energyWe all know and appreciate how the Sun and Moon affect our daily lives at a fundamental level. Why then, do we discount the energies of the other planets that inhabit our solar system? Unfortunately our ‘education’ has indoctrinated us to rubbish anything that doesn’t fit in with the programmed consensus. Modern science’s blatant disregard of centuries of ancient wisdom has contributed to our increasing separation from the universe, disconnecting us further from who we really are.

Astrological magick came to prominence during the European Renaissance of the 14th to 17th centuries and uses the positions of planets in the heavens to energetically manifest the desired results of the Mage or spell caster.

John DeeJohn Dee (1527 – 1608), principal advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England, is perhaps the most well known exponent of astrological magick known today.

A simple example of astrological magick is the planting of root crops at certain times of a moon cycle. Dismissed these days in the ‘enlightened’ West as superstition, the practice of planting root crops during the waning moon is still widespread throughout South American, India and Africa. The energy of the waning moon causes the growth of the root crops to occur below ground, which is far more favourable that the growth to occur above ground (as would happen if the crops had been planted during a waxing moon).

The Creation of Astrological Talismans

3 astrological magick talismansThe ancient esoteric knowledge and teachings in such books as the ‘Picatrix’ and Agrippa’s ‘Three Books of Occult Philosophy’ tell us that the energies of the Sun, Moon and planets can be utilised in the creation of magical astrological talismans. These talismans are extremely powerful when created on specific dates and times when particular planets are in an ideal configuration to manifest a desired outcome.

Talismans can be made from precious metals, crystals or any natural material that resonates with the planet whose energy is being manifested.

Illustrated on the right are 3 separate talismans I have cast myself. All are very potent and I have given many of the magick infused crystals away to people who need them.

In the top picture is a Saturn talisman created to bring wisdom and forgotten knowledge back into a world that seems hellbent on destruction.

The middle image depicts a Mars talisman created using the 6th Seal of Solomon for protection against negative energy, psychic and spiritual attack.

Finally the last picture is a Neptune talisman is created specifically around the vibrations of truth and true-seeing. These are incredible and the corresponding astrological chart for this election is below.

Truesight chart wheel