Treating Anxiety with CBD Oil

Shamanic CBD oilMy Shamanic CBD oil is has proved very effective at combating many types of anxiety, including chronic anxiety – where the effects are so great that they cause physical symptoms. A small dose of my Shamanic CBD oil just once or twice a day has dramatically reduced anxiety in my clients. Find out more about my Shamanic CBD oil here.

Chris has been very helpful to much and via email provided a personalised service. As a chronic pain patient and rattling with all the tablets and the added anxiety problems, it was a great surprise to find someone so trustworthy and passionate about CBD oil. After emailing Chris I sent the money and received it a few days later. I have gradually increased my dose as per instructions and the results are fabulous. Bye bye tablets.. Hello natural supplements..

Julia Powell Avatar Julia Powell

So what is anxiety?

We all occasionally feel anxious about something, it’s part of the human condition. Severe anxiety is different though and can easily impact on the quality of our life. Severe anxiety is recognised as a mental health disorder and impacts in other areas of health too.

Here are some symptoms of severe and chronic anxiety

  • Panic Attacks cause troubling physical symptoms including heart palpitations, chest pains and light headedness. Often people with anxiety disorders have a sense of impending doom.
  • Changes in Behaviour – Emotional and social withdrawal, irritability and compulsive behaviour may all be signs of anxiety disorder
  • Generalised Ill Health – Prolonged anxiety can lead to sleep problems, fatigue and frequent bouts of unexplained physical ailments.
  • Flight of Fight Response – When feeling anxious or stressed, the brain floods your system with hormones and chemicals designed to help you respond to a threat. In the short term this is good but harmful in the long term
  • CNS Function – Panic attacks can lead to anxiety over further attacks, so your brain’s Central Nervous System continues to release stress hormones. This can lead to headaches, muscle tension and loss of sexual desire. Anxiety disorders increase the risk of clinical depression and substance abuse.
  • Immune System Response – Short term anxiety can boost your immune system. But prolonged anxiety and stress can interfere with your ability to fight off bacteria, viruses and other illnesses.
  • Respiratory Response – Anxiety cases rapid shallow breathing. People with anxiety disorder are at increased risk of respiratory illness like flu and the common cold.
  • Cardiovascular Changes – Anxiety disorders can cause rapid heart rate, palpitations and chest pains. It increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Excretory and Digestive System Upsets – Anxiety disorders can happen at any stage of life, but they usually begin by middle age. According to studies, women are 60% more likely to have an anxiety disorder than men.

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