Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is the shamanic practice of finding, retrieving and returning lost soul fragments to the soul’s current incarnation ie. you. During the process of soul retrieval the trauma that caused the soul to fragment is healed too.

soul retrievalDuring times of severe trauma or stress, parts of the soul can literally break away from the main soul and will remain stuck in that energetic moment of trauma. Retrieving and reuniting these fragments makes us more whole and allows us to considerably raise our energetic vibration and consciousness in this incarnation.

Here’s an example: In the past, ‘X’ had suffered a severe trauma in the house of a friend that had a devastating impact on who he was. X’s energetic vibration was completely changed after this event. Later, through the use of a shamanic journey, X’s shaman was able to travel astrally back to the house and recall the separated soul pieces that had broken away at the time of the trauma. The shaman astrally walked in through the front door and visited every room in the house and outside too, calling the soul fragments as he went. Every soul fragment that had broken away from X returned to the shaman who then returned the collected fragments to X. Once the journey was completed, X’s true energetic vibration began to return and his energy was healed.

Soul loss can occur in this life or past lives. Many people will sense their own soul loss and search their memory for an event they can not find. In these cases it’s usually because their soul loss happened in a previous incarnation and was so severe that it has bled through into this life.

coming home

Soul retrieval is the shamanic technique I use to find, collect and reunite separated soul parts that have been lost back to you. Not only does this process raise your energetic vibration, it also heals the trauma from your past that caused the soul to fragment in the first place.

I perform a soul retrieval by blending with your energetic vibration and visiting the traumatic event from the past that caused the soul loss. I will then act as a conduit allowing your soul fragments to pass through me and back to you. The reuniting process can often be very emotional. Welcome home.

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