Healing & Magick

Here is a summary of the healing and shamanic services I offer. If you have a question or are wanting something specific that is not listed please contact me.

I use distance healing on all of the shamanic services, which means that I can work on your energy from anywhere in the world – you don’t have to be in front of me. If you would like a ‘face to face’ healing this can be arranged also.

CBD oils are freshly made when ordered.

Negative Energy Release – Negative Energy Release is a shamanic technique to remove a negative energy parasite. It involves shamanic journeying into non-ordinary space to read your energy field and communicate with your Spirit Guides. This journey tells me with what I need to know to remove the parasite from your energy field.


soul retrievalSoul Retrieval – Soul retrieval is the shamanic technique I use to find, collect and reunite separated soul parts that have been lost back to you. Not only does this process raise your energetic vibration, it also heals the trauma from your past that caused the soul to fragment in the first place.


psychopomp1Psychopomp – Psychopomp is a shamanic healing technique that releases the soul presence of the dead back to the spirit world. Psychopomp has many different applications, and modern diseases such as Alzhiemer’s and Parkinson’s seem to confuse and cloud the soul sufficiently that often the deceased soul does not realise it has passed.


CBD oilShamanic CBD Oil – My shamanic CBD oil is created from 99.58% CBD isolate and pure coconut oil. It’s free of fillers, flavours, additives, and is extracted from fresh, hand-picked coconuts. Once I’ve produced the ‘basic’ CBD oil, I use shamanic healing and astrological magick to add additional metaphysical energies to the oil.


Magickal Ceremonies – Using the energetic vibrations of the planets and auspicious dates and times it becomes possible to create specific magickal ceremonies of manifestation and change. Magickal ceremonies are an extremely potent form of manifestation with results that are very often immediate.


3 astrological magick talismansAstrological Magick – I use astrological magick to create potent planetary talismans that manifest the wishes of the creator. Talisman’s have a variety of different uses and resonate with the planetary energy used to create them. For example, Neptune, the planet that rules the Astrological sign of Pisces is called upon to create talisman’s of intuition, psychic ability and true seeing.

Chris Seeley did a reading for me from my photo, she was spot on with accuracy , if you are looking for a reading, I highly recommend her, 😇🙏💕✝️☮️🕊🐘🦉💫❤️