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Truesight Shamanic CBD OilThis shamanic CBD oil is created by me and is made from 99.58% pure CBD isolate (lab certificate here) and dissolved in pure coconut oil. My CBD oil is free of fillers, flavours, additives, and the coconut oil is 100% pure and extracted from fresh, hand-picked and sustainably harvested coconuts.

Containing no banned ingredients, my CBD oil is completely legal in the U, and is available to buy.

Before I go any further let me provide a little bit of background about CBD in general, in case you don’t know much about it.

So what are the benefits of CBD oil?

Truesight CBD oil review

The benefits of taking CBD oil reach far and wide, it can be used to treat so many different dis-eases, from skin complaints to anxiety and depression, from blood pressure to cancers and pain relief. Here’s a brief infographic that tells you more, but really try Googling something like “Benefits of CBD oil” or, if you have a particular complaint eg. bi-polar disorder, Google something like “Treating bi-polar disorder with CBD oil”.

In this infographic, my Shamanic CBD oil falls into the heavily populated blue ‘CBD‘ column.

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And the coconut oil the CBD is dissolved in is pretty good for you too – particularly in brain and cognitive functions:

Coconut oil benefits

How do I take the oil ?

Truesight CBDUnlike many other CBD oils, my shamanic CBD oil is clear and tasteless. This is because I make it using pure CBD crystals only. It’s available in two different sizes

  • 10ml blue dropper glass bottles
  • 30ml brown atomiser glass bottles

The oil is best absorbed sublingually – this means underneath your tongue. This method guarantees good absorbtion and ensures a high percentage of CBD gets into the bloodstream. Putting the CBD in a drink or in food is not as effective as the body’s digestive processes will break down much of the CBD before it gets into the bloodstream meaning it is less potent.

To take CBD oil sublingually, hold two or three drops underneath your tongue until it’s absorbed. This will take about 20-30 seconds. You will begin the notice the effects after about 20 minutes or so and they’ll usually last between 4 and 8 hours.

How much do I take ?

Because CBD can treat so many conditions, from mild to severe, and people come in all shapes and sizes, the required dose will vary. In the table below, a suggested CBD dosage is shown by weight and severity of the condition being treated.

CBD dosing by weight

I recommend that you use my shamanic CBD oil whenever you need it and experiment in varying the dose to best suit your needs. For more information on general dosage guidance see

Working out your dosage: How much CBD is in one drop of oil?

What strength is my CBD oil ?

The strength of my CBD oil varies as I make it on a case by case basis that is unique to you. For illustrative purposes, a typical strength I use is 1000mg CBD per 10ml.

To accurately work out the strength of CBD in a bottle you need to know how much CBD is in a standard volume of the product. Don’t be fooled by big numbers – reduce everything down to a standard volume and work it out from there.

For example, which of these 3 bottles of CBD has the highest dose?
A. 2500mg of CBD in a 50ml bottle
B. 1000mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle
C. 600mg of CBD in a 15ml bottle

The correct answer is B as is contains 1000mg/10ml. Bottle C contains 400mg/10ml, whilst Bottle A contains 500mg/10ml.

Buying my shamanic CBD oil

How much does my CBD oil cost?

For illustration purposes, in the example below I am using a strength of 1000mg/10ml.

  • 10ml bottle = £45
    (Strength = 1000mg/10ml = 1000mg of CBD in total)
  • 30ml bottle = £110 (£25 saving)
    (Strength = 1000ml/10ml = 3000mg of CBD in total)

Remember, the strength of both the bottles above is the same, but with the 30mg bottle you get three times the amount.

Use Google to do a price comparison (search from something like ‘1000ml CBD in 10ml price’) and you’ll discover competitor prices to be between £60 and £80 for a 10ml bottle of equivalent strength. My CBD oil is cheaper because I make it myself to help people rather than being driven to maximise profits.

Postage and packing within the UK is an additional £4.95, overseas orders please contact me for costs.

Custom Strength Oil

I can make whatever strength oil you require and use any combination of base oils too, so if you want me to make something specific please contact me.

I can also place specific shamanic healing vibrations of your choice into the oil so if this is something you require please see the Optional Extras section below.


If you’d like to buy my CBD oil please contact me. I’ll try and reply the same day.

Optional Extras

Hummingbird, Jaguar, Serpent, EagleAdditional to the standard CBD oil above, I use shamanic healing techniques to place specific healing vibrations of your choice into the oil if required.

A popular shamanic healing technique is known as journeying. The shaman will enter an altered state of consciousness and journey to other realms of awareness. Once there I will consult with spirit guides or guardians who will provide useful information in treating the condition affecting the patient. This information is placed into the CBD oil as a healing vibration and will positively work on the patient.

To do this I usually ask that you send a freshly taken head and shoulders photo of yourself / the recipient of the oil so that I can read the person energetically and connect with them. Also, I will need the person’s permission to do this.

  • Chris has been very helpful to much and via email provided a personalised service. As a chronic pain patient and rattling with all the tablets and the added anxiety problems, it was a great surprise to find someone so trustworthy and passionate about CBD oil. After emailing Chris I sent the money and received it a few days later. I have gradually increased my dose as per instructions and the results are fabulous. Bye bye tablets.. Hello natural supplements..

    Julia Powell Avatar Julia Powell
    08 Jul 2018
  • Chris gave me a really detailed reading of what has been going on in my life about my past relationships and it's 100% accurate. His reading help me to understand everything that was so overwhelming and that he helped me to anticipate bigger problem. His advices make me see things in life in a better perspective and that it help me to make my decisions in life.

    Kezia Florencia Avatar Kezia Florencia
    10 Apr 2018
  • Chris Seeley did a reading for me from my photo, she was spot on with accuracy , if you are looking for a reading, I highly recommend her, 😇🙏💕✝️☮️🕊🐘🦉💫❤️

    28 Apr 2018
  • If you want to change your life and lift away negative energy holding you back then Chris is a godsend. I was guided to Chris by spirit and he did so much and more to help me. Not only did he do me an initial reading, he explained ways he could help. He performed a shamanic journey and gave me feedback the next day. I had two healing sessions with Chris and everything that had been holding me back had cleared. We performed two shamanic rituals and they were unbelievable. This soul was gifted to heal and I thank my spirits everyday day that Chris came into my life.

    Susan Crawshaw Avatar Susan Crawshaw
    23 Feb 2018
  • I received a reading from Chris from The Psychic Hideaway group on Facebook. His reading was accurate and it helped me a lot in understanding my current situation. I appreciate his kindness in extending a hand to someone in need. Thank you.

    Arminda Guerrero Avatar Arminda Guerrero
    22 Apr 2018
  • Great and accurate reader. Gratitude. L&L xx

    esther ongeri Avatar esther ongeri
    09 Apr 2018
  • I recently had a healing from Chris. It was a lovely experience, Chris spent a lot of time looking into my situation and put a lot of effort into helping me. Thank you Chris for all of your help, you are a lovely person

    OMMO London Avatar OMMO London
    19 Nov 2017