Treating Migraines Shamanically

In this article I discuss successfully removing a migraine using the Shamanic technique of negative energy release.

suffering with a migraineBackground: M, a woman in her early 50’s suffers very severe migraines on a regular basis. Often lasting for several days, the migraines significantly affect her quality of life.

Timing: The shamanic healing was performed at the onset of the migraine – a few hours after the first familiar symptoms (dizziness, neck ache, loss of mental clarity) began to appear.

Treatment: I begin by asking M to lay on her back in front of me, to close her eyes and relax. I use the Shamanic drum to call in Spirit and change the energetic vibration that surrounds us. The drum brings relaxation and peace, at the same time I ask for the energies of spirit to flow through me as I place my hand on M’s head. I feel the energy pass through me into into M, gently soothing and calming the spiky and dark grey migraine energy.

Shamanic healing (migraine)After 15 minutes or so as the healing energy continues to calm and flow I suddenly become aware of the energetic presence of a man in his 20’s. He has long black hair and a straggley beard. He wears a long blue trench coat. He is angry and will not listen to anyone. He can not be reasoned with and angrily gesticulates and shouts away all my attempts to communicate with him. This man is the energetic representation of M’s migraine. I know that by separating and releasing this negative energy attachment from M and sending it back into the love of cosmic consciousness, M will be free from her migraines.

I position the blue vortex above M and feel a large part of the migraine energy detach from M and disappear into the vortex. However, there is a root that remains and will not be moved into the vortex. To remove this final piece I am guided to shamanically suck the root out from M using my mouth. I do this successfully but of course I now have the root in my mouth and need to dispose of it. I rise to my feet and quickly blow this energy out into nature instructing it to return to love. I immediately close all the windows in the room where the treatment took place so the energy can not return. 20 minutes or so later I know that the energy has left us and returned to One Consciousness.

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