Remember Who You Are

Long ago, our hearts were central to our existence. We lived in harmony with the rest of creation, honouring and accepting our lives with gratitude and love.

The Earth was seen as she truly is – a living being – and a part of Infinite Consciousness and Awareness. We were truly blessed.

The healers and wisdom teachers of these times were known as Shamen. As walkers between worlds they understood the inter-connectedness of all things and used this knowledge to heal, teach, and bring balance and harmony to all living things.

But now in these days of destruction, we have lost our way.

Our hearts are no longer central to our being.

Instead the ego-mind dominates all, and the consequences have been disastrous: We have forgotten who we are.

As a race we are no longer in sync with ourselves or the planet, but are instead held in the grip intrusive energies like debt, anger and fear. This has created a global epidemic of dis-ease in the form of stress. As stress builds it mutates into other forms of dis-ease… irritability, unhappiness, sleep disorders, illnesses, skin complaints, aches and pains, lumps, bumps, strokes, cancers… The magic has gone from much of our lives.

But we are all so much more than this… The following 3 minutes 38 seconds are well worth watching

You are not who your think you are

You probably think you are everything that society, the media, your education, politics, and your family has decided that you are.

You have accepted projections and expectations of who you are supposed to be.

But this is not you.

You have been programmed with beliefs that keep you separate from everything else and consistently re-enforce that you are not good enough, not worthy enough, not lovable enough.

But this is all a lie, designed to you to control you. These beliefs render you powerless.

Remember Who You Are

We are all part of the Divine. We are each a unique experience of limitless conscious awareness.

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