crowPsychopomp is a shamanic healing technique that releases the soul presence of the dead back to the spirit world.

In most cases when people die their soul essence returns to spirit and energetically their presence goes with them. There are occasions though, especially in today’s ‘modern’ society where at death the soul is so confused it doesn’t realise it’s passed and instead remains here, effectively stuck.

This is more common that you might think. For example, people who have passed with medical conditions¬† such as Alzhiemer’s or Parkinson’s disease can often be so confused they don’t realise they have died. Also, those who have passed in hospital but were so heavily medicated may also be unaware they have passed. Similarly in battle zones around the world where death comes quickly, souls will not realise they have died either.

Psychopomp examples

  • I recently performed a psychopomp on a lady who had died several weeks previously, however her family sought assistance as they felt that her presence was still with them. Subsequently when I shamanically journeyed to look at her energy I found I entered a very dark dead end tunnel which was filled with impenetrable mist. This is where I found the lady. She was lost, bewildered and unable to return to spirit. I was able to take her hand and guide her into the light. I was told the lady had died of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Whilst out walking my dogs in a local park I was drawn towards a park bench that had a plaque dedicating the bench to the memory of a man. I felt the man’s presence come into me. What a happy, joyful and loving person he had been in life, with many friends. His energetic presence often stayed close to his park bench so he could watch and participate in the daily events of the park. This man hadn’t realised he had passed. Once I (gently) told him, many things became clear and he passed into the light.

psychopomp park bench

Psychopomp healing may also include a ceremonial part which honours the departing soul as it returns back to spirit, similar to a funeral service.

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