Negative Energy Release

A Shamanic healing practice that I use a lot is called Negative Energy Release or NER for short. To explain what NER it is, it is necessary for you to understand that just as parasites such as ticks and lice feed off our physical bodies, energy parasites can feed from our energetic bodies by attaching themselves to us.

Just as physical parasites will leave a physical trace of their activity on the host – eg, areas of inflamed or itchy skin etc,  when energy parasites feed from us they will create energetic imbalances in our energy field. As these imbalances grow they will often begin to manifest as an ‘issue’ in your life. Examples of these imbalances / issues are irrational anxieties / behaviours around certain issues or people. For example we may have anxiety about spiders, being in crowded places or find sleep difficult. Left untreated these anxieties can grow and develop into serious debilitating physical symptoms as they become stronger.

crowded waiting roomNegative energy parasites congregate around places of low energetic vibration eg, doctor’s waiting rooms, hospital wards, nightclubs, large ‘tribal’ sporting events such as football matches etc, they are attracted to anywhere where there are vulnerable people of a low vibration.

Poor quality food, lack of exercise food and a regular use of pharma drugs and intoxicants such as alcohol can further lower our energy body’s guard against them and allow them to become attached to us more easily.

When a negative energy parasite first attaches itself to you it’ll often be small and relatively harmless. However, if left unchecked it will feed and draw more and more energy from you as it grows and gets stronger. This energy drain will lead to a dis-ease manifesting in you.

Negative energy attachments are extremely common with over 99% of the population having at least one. Most of the time they are kept under control but usually worsen over time.

shamanNegative Energy Release is my technique to remove a negative energy parasite. I will first diagnose what the issues around you are, usually by shamanically journeying into non-ordinary space to read your energy field and communicate with your Spirit Guides. This journey furnishes me with what I need to know and I will go ahead and remove the parasite from your energy field.

NER is a very effective shamanic healing treatment and normally only needs to be done once. The healing is performed on your energetic vibration astrally and there is no need for you to be present during the event.

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