Magickal Ceremonies

Magickal ceremonies are an extremely powerful way of manifesting and directing energies to achieve specific goals.

Planetary Magick Sun
An indoor magickal ceremony focused around the energy of the Sun. This ceremony is all about manifesting the conscious expression of the Will.

Ceremonies are best performed at favourable times and dates when specific planetary alignments occur. The planetary alignments create unique energies and vibrations that can be used in all sorts of ways. An obvious example would be a New Moon ceremony that not only celebrates the birth-death-rebirth cycle of the Moon but also honours the energy of the Divine Feminine too.

Each of the planets has a specific energy, for example

  • Jupiter has a very beneficent vibration that amplifies, expands and creates opportunity
  • Uranus is very much concerned with liberation and getting rid of old energies that are no longer needed but may have become stuck around you or a situation
  • Saturn’s energies are often used to add structure, order and discipline. For example a project such a building a company or putting something on a firm footing would greatly benefit from Saturn energy.
In this outdoor ceremony gratitude was offered to many different planets in order to achieve a complex manifestation.

In addition, it’s very important which astrological sign the planet resides in at the time of the ceremony as some of the sign/planet relationships are harmonious and will produce wonderful results, whilst others won’t. For example, a Sun ceremony when the Sun resides in Leo will be very powerful as the Sun rules the sign of Leo.

With careful planning it is possible to design and create a ceremony that will manifest huge change to a situation. The change will often manifest within a few hours of the ceremony being completed.

It’s possible to create a ceremony for almost any situation or circumstance. To manifest / initiate communication, a Mercury ceremony in the signs of Gemini or Virgo would be an ideal place to start. Similarly to bring order and structure to a chaotic situation I’d create a ceremony around Saturn, ideally situated in either Capricorn or Libra (the astrological sign associated with balance and fairness). The time of the ceremony will be exact too in order to ensure the planetary energies are at their most potent.

If you’re interested in having me create and perform a ceremony specifically for you please contact me. Ceremonies are performed to create changes that align with your highest self with intentions that honour your soul purpose.