Healing and Embracing Change

All physical imbalance, dis-ease and illness are symptoms only. There is something else – be it an emotional or mental pattern, stress , etc, that has instigated and promoted the physical pattern.
Often we ignore our negative patterns and imbalances until we are thumped on the head with them. In most cases, the physical dis-ease is a “wake up call” by the physical body. It is the body’s way of telling us that something within us is out of balance.

We can not become what we want by remaining who we are

For healing to occur, the individual receiving the healing energies must want to be healed. It sounds perverse, but many people enjoy being sick: they become attached to it and the attentions they get from it. To heal yourself you will need to change your life, and if you want to change your life the first thing to ask yourself is “Do I REALLY want to change ?

Many people fear change and will avoid it. They may be stuck in meaningless relationships, in jobs they hate or in situations that are toxic to them, but they are afraid to move on, preferring to stick with what they know, even though it’s slowly killing them. But these people are not living, they’re existing.