ShamanismWelcome friend.

As a shamanic energy healer I allow Spirit to work through me using dreams, astral travel, non-ordinary reality, mediumship, divination, sound, colour, Spirit allies, ancestral wisdom, Earth energies and animal totems.

I can connect with your energy whether you are 50 miles away, 5000 miles away, or sat in front of me. Once the connection is made I am able to see, read and feel you energetically – including where blocks exist in your energy field creating dis-harmony. I can then remove these blocks by using the shamanic techniques of negative energy release, soul retrieval, and psychopomp.

Truesight Shamanic CBD OilThis is possible because we are all part of one infinite consciousness experiencing unique expressions of that consciousness.

Everything we experience is a unique part of the infinite.

Click for more details about my magickal ceremonies and magickal talismans.

I also produce my own shamanic CBD oil that has a wide range of healing uses and the talismans are great for manifesting energy and vibration.

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  • I recently had a healing from Chris. It was a lovely experience, Chris spent a lot of time looking into my situation and put a lot of effort into helping me. Thank you Chris for all of your help, you are a lovely person

    OMMO London Avatar OMMO London
    19 Nov 2017
  • Chris Seeley did a reading for me from my photo, she was spot on with accuracy , if you are looking for a reading, I highly recommend her, 😇🙏💕✝️☮️🕊🐘🦉💫❤️

    28 Apr 2018
  • I received a reading from Chris from The Psychic Hideaway group on Facebook. His reading was accurate and it helped me a lot in understanding my current situation. I appreciate his kindness in extending a hand to someone in need. Thank you.

    Arminda Guerrero Avatar Arminda Guerrero
    22 Apr 2018
  • I found Chris through the Mark Bajerski website and, thought I would contact him. I have been in touch with Chris for some time now he did psychic reading for me and is helping me with my spiritual journey. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is need of help with their spiritual healing and journey.

    Debbie Singh Avatar Debbie Singh
    15 Jun 2018
  • If you want to change your life and lift away negative energy holding you back then Chris is a godsend. I was guided to Chris by spirit and he did so much and more to help me. Not only did he do me an initial reading, he explained ways he could help. He performed a shamanic journey and gave me feedback the next day. I had two healing sessions with Chris and everything that had been holding me back had cleared. We performed two shamanic rituals and they were unbelievable. This soul was gifted to heal and I thank my spirits everyday day that Chris came into my life.

    Susan Crawshaw Avatar Susan Crawshaw
    23 Feb 2018
  • Chris gave me a really detailed reading of what has been going on in my life about my past relationships and it's 100% accurate. His reading help me to understand everything that was so overwhelming and that he helped me to anticipate bigger problem. His advices make me see things in life in a better perspective and that it help me to make my decisions in life.

    Kezia Florencia Avatar Kezia Florencia
    10 Apr 2018
  • Great and accurate reader. Gratitude. L&L xx

    esther ongeri Avatar esther ongeri
    09 Apr 2018


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